About me

My name is Pablo Borowicz. I live in Paris, France, and I’m a senior software developer, team leader and technical manager. I started building stuff for the web in 1998, and I’ve been doing that professionally since 2003.

Back in the day people would categorize me as a full-stack developer, and although this definition is losing popularity these days due to the increasing complexity of each individual stack, I still think that full-stack is the most appropriate description for my domain of competence. That said, PHP is my language of choice.

I care deeply about software development. To paraphrase Steve Jobs, I think that software lies at the intersection of engineering and craftsmanship. Engineering is about cold, hard figures: performance, stability, usefulness. Craftsmanship, on the other hand, is about soft, subjective values: creativity, elegance, beauty. Software development brings the best of both worlds together.

While most of my peers regard me as a very good developer, I don’t think that’s because I’m smarter than them. I simply have been doing this for quite a long time, which has given me plenty of time to learn.

Indeed, over the years, I learned many lessons about software engineering. A few by reading or attending to conferences, some by talking with my colleagues, and a great many by making mistakes.

This blog aims to share that experience, which will hopefully help reduce the global amount of mistakes made by other developers 😄.